martedì 24 maggio 2011

Battle Who You Want 2

Battle who you want 2
5vs5 and 2vs2 battle
14 May 2011, Paris
winner 5vs5: EXG
winner 2vs2 bgirl: Joolie Joo & AT
See all the footage here

Italians do it better or...we think so. "Who you want 2" is passed and our bunch of spaghetti-boys&girls left a sign. A full-of-crew Paris has been the location for who really want to battle. The rules are simple: do you wanna battle someone? Ok, let's do it. The crews choose each other and after the first battle, the tournament go on as usual (...quarter, semi, final). That's it? No is not. Icing on the cake, a 2vs2 b-girl battle which seems to have burned down the place. So, what about italians? We won!...or rather she won. B-girl Joolie Joo - florence-blackmamba-moved-to-paris - get the first place with b-girl AT (Flow-Mo/Finland) at 2vs2 battle. Glory, glory Alleluja! One of the best results of the last years for "Bel Paese".

What about the rest of famiglia? Well, same story: we form a super-heroes-justice-league-squad but we can't rise the top, or almost. Licence to Chill - not a fake just-for-winning-team - rapresented Italy with five of his illest guys: Cima and Eddy (Rapid Soul Moves/Abruzzo), Renato (Florence), Takeo (Wired Monkees/Bologna), Max (Milan). B-boys in full effect. Everyone with his own style and a package of experience increased by years of presence in the scene. They won against Fusion Rockers (for me best crew in Spain) but lost in the semi-final vs EXG (congratulation to that crazy crew from Holland!). Bla,bla,bla...Ok, it's time to check the video!

I hope one day Italy would make it. Deserve it, need it. But, living in the end of the times, I can just say: hurry up fellas!

Cosa? Ho scritto in inglese? Beh, è ora di dare un pò di respiro internazionale a questo blog, non vi pare? Il succo del discorso - per chi fosse sprovvisto di lingua inglese - è che Joolie di Firenze ha vinto il 2vs2 di b-girl, mentre i Licence To Chill hanno perso in semifinale con EXG, pur ballando da dio. Basta così: tornate a provare airtrack!

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